Our intentions

Make modern spirituality and personal development accessible to all women through free and donation-based events.

Provide a platform where women can express their truest selves and create real, meaningful connections with other women.

Offer support, guidance and love to the women in our community.

Create an atmosphere of collaboration where women feel excited and encouraged to share their unique gifts and skills with others.

Join the Conscious Women Berlin community

(it’s free and always will be!)

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How does it work?

The Conscious Women Community is free and open to anyone who identifies as a woman. After joining our private Facebook community, you’ll have access to both our online platform as well as all our Berlin-based events.

Free and donation-based events form the foundation of our community as we work towards making modern spirituality accessible to ALL women. That’s why we encourage our community members to share their beautifully unique gifts with their sisters and host an event.

We’re so excited to welcome you into the community, sister! You are seen, loved and supported by us and we can’t wait to connect with you both online and offline.