About Us

conscious women community

The Conscious Women Community is a space for women who are walking a journey of deep self-discovery, reflection and inner work.

We are undergoing a deep shift, both as a society and as individuals. As we move into a season of feminine leadership, soul expansion and awakening, it’s more important than ever for women to have spaces to nurture this radical transformation.

We believe all women should have access to these spaces, which is why we created the Conscious Women Community, an online and offline platform for self-expression, collaboration and growth. Through our private Facebook group and offline events such as workshops, womens circles and other gatherings, we give likeminded women the opportunity to connect both with each other and to their own divine inner wisdom.

Our intentions

Make modern spirituality and personal development accessible to all women through free and donation-based events.

Provide a platform where women can express their truest selves and create real, meaningful connections with other women.

Offer support, guidance and love to the women in our community.

Create an atmosphere of collaboration where women feel excited and encouraged to share their unique gifts and skills with others.

Our story

What started as a simple post on Facebook turned into a beautiful community of women in Berlin and beyond.

In 2018 Nicole was undergoing a radical shift and, diving deep into her own personal growth, was looking for women to connect with on a similar level. Although she found many wonderful workshops and offerings in and around Berlin, she also found it wasn’t financially viable to attend as many as she wanted to. And so she had the idea to reach out to women on Facebook to see whether anyone else could relate.
What she got was an overwhelming response, and so she created the Conscious Women Berlin Facebook group, a platform for the women who’d reached out to communicate and organise free meet ups. Although the group started with only a handful of members, within months it had grown to several hundred. With monthly free events and a growing online platform, it was clear that there was a deep need for the community.
In 2019 Sofia joined one of the community’s events and found that she deeply resonated with Nicole’s original mission – to make modern spirituality accessible to all women. We soon realised that together, we could grow the community into something beautiful, something that could impact even more women.
Over the months that followed, we dreamed up a vision for the future of the community. Everything simply started to fall into place and, guided by our intuition, we knew we were on the right path. The community was growing, and as a team we were in complete alignment.

Meet your hosts


Hello lovely souls,

My name is Nicole – novice yogi, disco music lover and matcha latte addict. 

But more than anything I’m passionate about creating a real impact in the lives of the women I work with. South African born and Berlin based, my journey of self-discovery has had many twists and turns, some beautiful and some painful. Yet they’ve all led me here as I help to build this community, something I know is deeply connected to my purpose. It’s my hope that through CWC, we can help women connect to their own inner wisdom and discover their purpose too.


Hi sisters! 

I’m Sofia. I’m a bit of a multi-local, born in Canada with a German background and currently calling Berlin my home. There’s nothing I love more than feeling in tune with life. For me, that means having a good dose of nature, nurturing meaningful relationships with the people around me and being deeply connected to my creativity.

My passion is creating a positive impact in the world on all levels, socially and environmentally, personally and collectively. This is my biggest drive for building CWC. I believe that creating a safe space for women to connect with themselves on a deeper level causes a ripple effect, a collective shift around us.